Thoradin Orsik

Thoradin is unlike most dwarves in that he is generally quiet. However, no dwarf is forever silent; if Thoradin feels strongly about something or is simply in a tavern, he will be sure to let everyone within earshot know how he feels. However, Thoradin


Aerie Peak, Thoradin’s home in the Misty Mountains was invaded by orcs. Nearly 800 orcs rallied to overthrow the settlement. Thoradin was in charge of the settlements defense. The dwarves, using their knowledge of the earth, and their weapons managed to drive back the orcs. However, the victory came at a heavy price. The settlement of slightly over 500 was reduced to only 34 survivors. After the devastating attack on Aerie Peak Thoradin left. Whether Thoradin feels guilty for the relatives and clan members lost, or if he simply doesn’t see a strong future at Aerie Peak anymore, one thing is for certain; Thoradin has vowed to eradicate orcs wherever he can find them. He holds holds tight the idea that the best defense is a strong offense. If he can snuff out orc dens, perhaps other settlements will be spared the fate of Aerie Peak.


The tavern is full of happy patrons, most of their eyes slightly glazed over from the large quantities of ale consumed. The door opens and snow and cold wind swirls in and gives the people seated at tables near the door a sudden chill. A tired dwarf walks in, heads straight to the barkeep, and asks for some stout ale. After warming up and quenching his thirst with a few ales the quiet dwarf becomes more personable. He is now talking loudly of tales of tricking giants and slaughtering orcs. He even joins in on song with a few groups, all of which happened to have lovely lasses in their company. After many customers have left and he finds the current company dull he sits in a chair near the fire. After sitting by the fire for a few hours the barkeep heads over to wake him up, for it is past last call. The barkeep notices that Thoradin is in fact not asleep. He is instead staring intently at a fly on his knee. Thoradin’s intense gaze seems to speak differently than his joyous actions earlier that night. It seems to show that this dwarf was not always as naive and idiotically happy. He looks at the fly with hatred and yet there is a slight sense of sorrow. He flicks the fly off his knee and murmurs a gruff thanks to the barkeep as he takes his leave.

Thoradin Orsik

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